Japanese schoolgirl Ayane Bounce My Body


So recently, ball bouncing has become somewhat of a genki competition between the Japanese girls we shoot. You can thank Akane for setting the whole thing in motion. Her sports video got a response like we`ve never seen! Of course Ayane being the hentai teaser that she is, could`t resist trying to impress. Let`s give her a perfect 10 for the way her natural breasts looked bouncing up and down, and for the way she rocked her hips, but let`s deduct two points for not showing enough booty to the camera! That leaves her at an 8, but Ayane wasn`t about to go out without a bang. She`s a real firecracker. As soon as the bouncing was over, she pulled off a split that would make even Rika, the queen of splits jealous! So taking her sexy ending into consideration, what over all score does she deserve?!
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